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Woodworking Carousel ATC CNC Router Machining Center 1500x3000mm Working Size
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Woodworking Carousel ATC CNC Router Machining Center 1500x3000mm Working Size
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EagleTec EA-1530CATC, 1500x3000mm working size, hsd atc spindle, yaskawa servo, syntec controller

ATC CNC router has another name of CNC router machining center or woodworking machining center. ATC is short for auto tool changer. EagleTec-1530CATC is equipped with carousel type atc tool changer. Tool bank has 8 tool positions. This wood router is ideal for jobs which needs multiple milling tools in same file to finish. Simply because, the ATC system optimizes the progress of tool changing to reduce the time cost on it. It makes tool changed automatically, instead of tradition way by manual. This point also is the difference between ATC type CNC router and basic type router machine.  

atc cnc router wood machining center for sale

Woodworking ATC CNC Router Application

Materials: Solid wood, MDF, plastic, PVC, acrylic, other nonmetal materials and colorful metal like aluminum, copper.  

Field: Panel furniture, Office furniture, Cabinet, Closet, Wood door, Bed, Wall art dector panel.

Main Configuration of Cabinet Making ATC CNC Router

1) Carousel type tool bank, 8 tools total

2) Origin Italy HSD 9.0kw ATC spindle, 0-24,000RPM 

3) Servo motor and servo pack – Delta or Yaskawa

4) Taiwan SYNTEC controller  

5) Planetary gear box
main configuration of cnc router machining center

Circle Style ATC CNC Router Features

1) Real close loop servo driven system, which performs better and overcomes step lost error. In addition, the motors run smoothly, accelerate and decelerate quickly.

2) Beam is made of steel, unlike others who adopt aluminum materials. A steel beam is superior to a aluminum in it’s ability to suppress and absorb the forces created during cutting.

3) All the linear guides and rolling ballscrew are centrally lubricated from a central system.

4) Vacuum table is divided into 8 vacuum areas which is convenient for small size wood sheet clamp as well. Vaccum suction system is equipped with a 7.5kw water ring vacuum pump with big flow rate of 230 cube meter per hour. 

5) Frame is welded with seamless steel structure; processed by high temperature tempering

treatment and vibrating stress relief (VSR) to reduce residual stress; and it is supported by 8

legs with adjustable leveling feet.

6) Smaller size carousel auto tool changer cnc router is available also. Please click automatic tool changer cnc router 1325

7) The Z-axis has a dual pneumatic counter-balance cylinder to allow very fast and accurate Z-axis positioning.

High Speed ATC CNC Router Technical Parameter

XYZ Working Size | 1500×3000×300mm
Beam height | 300mm 

Spindle | origin Italy HSD 9.0kw ATC spindle, 0-24,000RPM

Tool Holder | ISO30, 8 pieces provided for free

Collet | ER32, available diameter of cutter  φ3.175-φ18mm

Tool Bank | Carousel type, 8 tools total (10 tools optional)

Motor | Servo - Delta, or Yaskawa

Controller | SYNTEC

Command | G code

Max. Travelling Speed | 60,000mm/min

Max. Working Speed | 45,000mm/min

Work-Holding | By vac-sorb or clamp, both available

Vacuum Pump | 5.5KW, air-ring, 160CMB/h flow rate

XY Transmission | Helical rack and pinion, Planetary gear, HIWIN square linear guide way

Z Transmission | Taiwan TBI rolling ballscrew, HIWIN square linear guide way

Working Power | AC 380V/50-60Hz, 3 Ph 4 Wire

Net Weight | 2300KGS

Optional Device | Tool length sensor

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