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ATC CNC Router P.T.P Machining Center with Gang Drill Unit
Product Name:
ATC CNC Router P.T.P Machining Center with Gang Drill Unit
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CNC router machining center EagleTec-1325PTPD is a combination of carousel atc cnc router and gang drill unit. Gang drill contains 7 vertical drills, 2 pairs of horizontal X-direction mills and 1 pair of horizontal Y-direction mills. Another good design of this machine is the PTP (means point to point) vacuum table. PTP table gives machine more possibility on material holding position and is very convenient for side machining and whole sheet cutting.
cnc router machining center 


Panel furniture, office furniture, wood doors, closet

Machining Capacity  

Routing, Milling, Gang drilling, Cutting, Side milling, sawing.  

Main Configuration of CNC Router Machining Center with Gang Drill

1) Taiwan SYNTEC controller

2) Taiwan Delta or Japan Yaskawa Servo  

3) Italy 9.0kw ATC spindle 

4) P.T.P vacuum table 

5) Carousel tool magazine 10 tools 

6) Italy 7+2+1 gang drilling attachment  
carousel atc gang drill ptp vacuum table

Features of ATC CNC Router with PTP table

1) PTP vacuum table gives this auto tool changer cnc router more possibility on machining performance.  

2) Gang drilling attachment improves drilling job speed largely and makes side milling available. 

3) Carousel auto tool changer (ATC) with 10 tools makes machine high automation, reducing the time cost on production. 

4) Working area with electronic protective devices to ensure operator safety.

5) This machine is high-end version, economic nesting machine with similar function available also.   

Technical Parameter

Working stroke | 1300×2500×200mm

Controller | Taiwan SYNTEC

Spindle | Italy 9.0KW ATC spindle, 6000-18000 rpm

Max. Idling speed | 60m/min 

Max. Cutting speed | 25m/min

Driving | Delta or Yaskawa Servo

Linear rail | HIWIN square guide

Lubrication | Auto lubricator

Vacuum pump | Air-ring

Body construction | Heavy duty

Small electronics | Schneider, Omron, CHINT

Net weight | 2500KGS