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Auto Loading and Unloading CNC Wood Cutting Machine
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Auto Loading and Unloading CNC Wood Cutting Machine
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Simply speaking, auto loading and unloading CNC wood cutting machine EA-1325LA1 is a combination construction of CNC router with ATC and auto loading/unloading system. This combination together with the specialized nesting software, optimize the whole production process greatly from design, to machining and then finally to on-site installation. Compared with traditional way, it can save 50% labor source and finish all the jobs of one set cabinet body one stop. Also, the nesting software improves the utilization of material to the max extent. Based on the points above, CNC wood cutter with auto feeding has the highest production output and become a new trends in panel furniture industry.   cnc wood cutting machine with auto loading unloading system
cnc wood cutter with nesting software


Specially for panel furniture includes office furniture, kitchen cabinet, cloths cabinet and so on.  

Machining Capacity

Cutting, Drilling, Trenching, Sloting
cnc wood cutter with auto feeding

Main Configuration of Auto Feed CNC Wood Cutter for Panel Furniture Making

1) Origin Italy air cooling 9.0KW ATC spindle

2) Yaskawa Servo Pack

3) Disc Type Tool Magazine 8 positions

4) Heavy Duty Construction

5) Syntec Controller 

6) It’s a high configuration machine; nesting cnc router with standard configuration is also available. 

Features of panel furniture machining center

1) auto loading- suck the material sheet from the lift platform and drag it to working table of router machine

2) auto location- the sheet is located automatically after it reach the working table

3) auto machining- with auto tool changer, every production stage is machining automatically

4) auto unloading- machine push the finished boards to the conveyer belt platform for collection

Technical Parameter

Working Size                1300×2500×230mm

Spindle                          Origin Italy air cooled 9KW ATC spindle, 6000-24,000rpm/min

Driving Motor                 Yaskawa Servo 850W

Controller                       SYNTEC

Body Construction          Heavy duty

Guide Rail                      Taiwan 30 square rail

Lubrication                      Automatic lubrication

Vacuum Pump                Water-ring

Electronics                                CHNT, Schneider

Tool Magazine                           Disc type 8 tools

Repositioning Accuracy             ±0.02mm

Resolution                                  ±0.0025mm

Max. Travel Speed                     60m/min

Max. Cutting Speed                   25m/min

 Weight                                       2500KGS