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Stepper Motor Lead Screw Coupling Flexible Shaft Coupler
Product Name:
Stepper Motor Lead Screw Coupling Flexible Shaft Coupler
No. :
D40L55, D55L78, D65L90

A stepper motor lead screw coupling is a device used to connect two shafts together at their ends for the purpose of transmitting power. On CNC Router, it is commonly used to connect driving and the driven parts on Z axis if x and y via rack and pinion transmission, one side with driving motor shaft(stepper or servo motor), the other side with ball screw shaft. And if the cnc router machine using lead screw transmission on X Y and Z, then the flexible shaft coupler can be used on X and Y axis also.     

One set of cnc flexible coupling (coupler) should be consisted by the parts as picture in below

Stepper motor lead screw coupling

How to assemble the stepper motor coupler
flexible shaft coupler 

Features of shaft coupling

1) High concentricity, big torque

2) Aluminum material

3) Reducing the transmission of shock

4) Simple construction, easy to mount and maintenance

5) Suitable for stepper, servo, ballscrew 

Series commonly used on CNC engraving machine

Series D40L55, Series D55L78, Series D65L90

cnc flexible coupling

Please kindly clear these size when order it.

(1) D  (2)L  (3)bore size of motor side  (4)bore size of shaft side

stepper motor coupler bore size

Another type-rigid shaft coupler

rigid shaft coupler

Gentle Reminder:

If the your coupler dimension not in the list above, please contact us for details. 

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