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Original HIWIN and Copy HIWIN Product Detail Difference

Whether HIWIN linear bearings or HIWIN linear rail, there are original and copy products on the market now. Original HIWIN product quality is much higher than copy ones, but copy HIWIN product price is much lower than original ones. As a user, how can we distinguish between original HIWIN and copy HIWIN? Let’s see the detail difference between original HIWIN product and copy HIWIN product. Please follow the guideline in below. 

1. HIWIN Linear Bearings

1 – 1. Production Sequence Number

Every piece of origin HIWIN linear bearing has a unique production sequence number, and we can query the production batch, raw material origin, and other information in hiwin system by this unique number.

Due to cost constraints, there is no or only a unified production sequence number on the copy product HIWIN linear bearings. 
original hiwin linear bearings production sequence number

1 – 2. Identifying Information

Some of the origin HIWIN linear bearings, the information such as production time, batch, ball size and raw materials origin will be recorded on the other side of bearings before they were delivery out from the factory.

While the copy product do not have such record.
hiwin linear bearings identifying information original 

1- 3. Plastic Part

Origin HIWIN linear bearings, plastic color is in pure, bright and well proportioned; all the details are handled very carefully; there is no burr and uneveness.

Due to the limitations of the production process, most of the copy HIWIN linear bearing, plastic hemming can not be as perfect as the original HIWIN products. The plastic on the copy HIWIN linear bearing, the color is dark, uneven coloring, and in the details of the edge will appear burr, uneven and so on. 
original hiwin linear bearings plastic end

For ordering original HIWIN linear bearing, please click below: 
original HIWIN linear bearings block HGH series
original HIWIN linear bearing EGH series

2. HIWIN Linear Rail

2 – 1. LOGO

Original HIWIN linear rail: etching text HIWIN, white edge

Copy HIWIN linear rail: HIWIN with black edge
original hiwin linear rail logo

2 – 2. Diagonal

Original HIWIN linear rail: the angle of the diagonal and guide rail is nearly 80 degree

Copy HIWIN linear rail: because of the difference of the process, the angle of the diagonal and guide rail is almost 90 degrees, perpendicular to the base surface of the guide rail
 original hiwin linear rail diagonal

2 – 3. Technology

At present, there is a big gap between the copy HIWIN products and the original HIWIN products in the production process.

Original HIWIN product: there are a variety of preload options, such as: Za, Zb, Z0, etc. A variety of precision options, such as: P class, C class, H class, etc.

Copy HIWIN product: Only a single preload and accuracy can be achieved


2 – 4. Raw Material

Original HIWIN product: adopt Germany or Japan imported steel wire; balls imported from abroad. Products can achieve high precision, low noise, and high wear resistance.

Copy HIWIN product: using domestic steel and balls; the product are low precision, large noise and low wear resistance



                                                    Original article from Jinan EagleTec CNC Machinery CO.,Ltd.

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