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Router Bit Guide - Difference Between Grade N, A, AA, 3A

Router bits can be called as router cutter or cnc router cutter bits also. There are four quality grades on router bits, which are N grade, A grade, AA grade and 3A grade. Actually the router bits’ grades are distinguished by the raw material. It’s the only difference. For example, N grade Router bits is made of N series material; while A grade router bits is made of A series material. The same to AA and 3A.

Please see full explanation of different series of raw material for router bits in below,

All the router bits are made of tungsten material. N, A, AA and 3A are the grades of tungsten material.

N Series material is tungsten steel from China Mainland, hardness is at 88- 89HRA.

(HRA means hardness Rockwell A scale)

A Series material is Taiwan’s Chunbao tungsten steel, hardness is at 90-91 HRA.

AA, 3A Series materials are Germany’s ultrafine particles tungsten steel material, AA’s hardness is at 93-94HRA, 3A’s hardness is around 96HRA.


The better material means the higher hardness of router bits. Service life of the router bits depend on the hardness of the bits.

The higher hardness means the better finishing of job. To get better finishing, please choose bit with higher hardness.

The finer tungsten steel’s particle means the sharper polished edge of router bits. To get better finishing, please also choose router bits with finer particle tungsten steel material.  


In a word, better material of router bits give better finishing and longer service life. 


A small tip, when order the router bits; please clarify the material grade you want. If no request on it, default material is N grade.   

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