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How to Use CNC Router to Make Slat Wall |Slatwall Production Solution

To make slat wall panel, first you need a cnc router machine. As an experienced china cnc router manufacturer, EagleTec has provided production solutions to many clients who are in field of slatwall making. The recommended equipments can be single head cnc router, also can be a multi head cnc router as per the client requirement on production quantity. As a slat wall cutting machine, multi head cnc router increases the production output greatly than single head machine. Simply because that, multi head machine can cut several lines one time while single head only finish one line one time. So multi head cnc router is recommened to you if you want big output. To start a slatwall production shop, besides the cnc router machine, second thing you need get is the router bits for slat wall cutting. Router bits for this job have another name of T slot cutter. It is specially designed for slotting jobs like slatwall slotting. Third thing is the raw material wood sheet. Mostly, the wood sheet for slat wall is MDF or plywood. Plywood seems a bit stronger than MDF. But neither of the two materials is particularly strong. To avoid split, you can also purchase it with the aluminum re-enforcement slats. This is the forth material we want to say. After the above equipment and materials are ready, you can start to make slatwall in your workshop. 

slat wall sample

Some friends may have question in your mind that “is the programming easy for slatwall cutting?” Actually, it is very easy to make program for this job. In the CAM software, what we need to do is to draw some lines and set correctly the distance between them, and then output tool path. According to our past experience on training client, a beginner can know well the programming of slat wall cutting in one hour. So, nothing need to worry concern the program.


Slatwall panels is a kind of tool board, usually for product displays, retail shelving and garage storage systems. Slat wall is s a retail paneling system with grooves cut into it that goes on the perimeter walls of retail stores and you display from the grooves.


Slatwall is mostly wood, but can also be plastic or metal. You see it everywhere, once you know what to look for. You can see it on TV all the time. Slat wall is used in every type of retail store imaginable. It can be used for component parts, slatwall fixtures, and display panels. Wooden panels, which are the most common, can be made in custom sheet sizes and slot spacings; and a wide variety of finish options are available as well. Plastic channel and metal inserts create an enduring, classic wall system that is the most adaptable and flexible system available anywhere.

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