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What advantages does air cooled spindle have? | FAQ

As a china cnc router manufacturer, Jinan EagleTec CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd. also provides a full range of cnc router spares for the users. Spindle is the one part which is most frequently asked. We would like to talk about the advantages of square shape air cooled spindles here. 

1. The air cooled spindle body is made of high quality aluminum material. It is smooth, clean and does not rust. Double tests are carried out before delivery. For ordering air cooled spindle, please click picture below. 
cnc router air cooling spindle 

2. The rotary precision is high, and the precise steel ball holder is adopted, this guarantees the turning accuracy of the spindle motor in high speed grinding.


3. Fan cooling is more convenient. As the water cooling spindle motor needs to connect the water pump, so you need a tank to fill the water, you also need to connect the water pipe, especially it is easy to get freeze in cold place, and some customers may find it troublesome. While air-cooled spindle motor will not have such troubles.
spindle cooling fan and air plug 

4. Assembly diagram of air cooled spindle connector (Order the connectors, please click the picture below)

assembly diagram of air cooled spindle connector

5. Wiring diagram of spindle motor and VFD inverter
wiring diagram of spindle motor and vfd inverter  

                                                                                               From JINAN EAGLETEC CNC MACHINERY CO.,LTD.

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