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What is the difference between the nesting software and the other software?

Both nesting CNC Router (3d wood cutting cnc machine) and single head basic CNC Router are equipments for wood sheet material working purpose. Nesting cnc router is ideal for cutting, slotting and boring on materials like MDF, particleboard and eco borad; basic cnc router is ideal for carving and cutting jobs on all types of wood. Because the processing method is different, the processing object is different; the software used is also different. 

The software used in nesting cnc router (3d wood cutting cnc machine) is called nesting software. Complete panel furniture production line process is: design - disassembly into units-nesting design- generation of NC code - automatic feeding- automatic labeling- vertical machining - automatic unloading - barcode scanning – five faces processing; the entire production process is highly automated. Software requirements: flexible design - quickly generate customer satisfaction style based on the total size. Intelligent disassembly - automatic disassembly, hole and slot positions are clear; automatic generation of hardware list and work piece list.  Multi order finish working one time- time saving, material saving and support manual dragging and manual nesting. Intelligent NC - intelligent generation code scanning program, single-sided processing program + five surface processing program; Support panel furniture working nesting cnc router (3d wood cutting cnc machine) automatic loading, unloading and automatic labeling. Engineering file system - the files in the production process can be saved at any time, convenient for work interaction, and can be retrieved at any time. Mobile applications -you can view the three-dimensional cabinet and explosion diagram through scanning code, which is easy to check and guide the installation. Nesting software has these features: intelligent design diversification, intimate graphics editing operation, convenient and intuitive constraints, strong programming function, support DXF import, support the 3D NC code input, convenient and quick data output for batch cabinet door, flexible tool path generation, support tool path simulation show.

Software for single head basic cnc router

1. JD Paint

JD Paint is software ideal for relief programming. It is very popular in China. Technician here use it to create relief drawing. It's also convenient to edit a graph, especially a spline curve. It's like sticking a picture on a screen. You take the pen follow as it is, so that the drawing becomes simple and more flexible.


ArtCAM software is very popular worldwide. It can transfer the two-dimensional graphics into relief, can also create toolpath from the BMP file. This software can be used for general purpose of panel furniture industry because the pattern is relatively simple, even if there is a simple relief, and it can be worked with machine after a little editing.

3. Wentai (Art Cut)

It is mainly for the sign making field. It is suitable for 2D engraving, especially for text, badge engraving, cutting and engraving advertising words and some crystal words. It is limited for graphics editing, but can do simple graphics programming.  Wentai software has no advantage on complicated graphics editing. If you are not engaged in advertising and other text engraving industry, then you can ignore this software.

So from all above words, we can know that it is not the same thing for software used for nesting cnc router and the ones used for basic cnc router. Hope you can have a clear understanding of the software for different equipments through this article.

                                                                                                                  Original article from Jinan EagleTec CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.

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