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CNC Router Spindle Frequently Asked Questions and Solution | FAQ

CNC spindles are the necessary electronic component for all kinds of cnc routing machine includes standard cnc router 1325, nesting cnc router, router cnc 2030, auto tool changing cnc router, styrofoam milling cnc router and multi spindle cnc router.


We may encounter a lot of small problems when we using the spindle and these problems make many cnc operator headaches. Here we would like to share all the frequently asked questions with their solution to you. We sincerely hope this information is helpful for you. EagleTec is very glad to help your business grow up. 

1. We should take care on new spindles when we use it 

In the first time to run a new spindle after it installed on cnc router machine, it is better to start at low speed 6,000 rpm and increase by 3,000 rpm after every 10 minutes running. We can use it normally after it up to Max. rpm 24,000 or 18,000 according to different spindle motor specification. This is because that bearings inside new spindle need to be preheated. Furthermore, in order to extend the service life of spindle, it is better to start trial operation for 10-15 minutes before we use it normally. When we build the machine, EagleTec do same like this on every machine.


2. Why the spindle stopped after only two or three seconds running?

Four reasons may cause this problem happen.

2.1 Insulation wrap does not work because water come in.

Solution: please dry the insulation wrap.

2.2 Insulation wrap is damage because high temperature.

Solution: please replace the cable coil.

2.3 Over-current protection caused by phase failure.

Solution: please check the wiring of spindle.

2.4 Acceleration time is too short.

Solution: please increase the acceleration time in inverter parameter.


3. Why the spindle does not start after power on?

Three reasons may cause this happen, please check one by one.

3.1 Inverter has no output or wrong parameter setup

Solution: please check the output setup of your inverter.

3.2 The spindle plug is unconnected or wiring failure on plug.

Solution: please check the plug, socket and their wiring.

3.3 The stator coil is burnt out.

Solution: please replace the stator coil.


4. Why the spindle does not turn but with noise? Or why the spindle turns after a minute but no force?

Spindle does not turns, or turns but with little force, noisy, much heat on motor. This is because phase failure from inverter output. The reason is most probably from the wiring problem between inverter and spindle motor. Please check the welding points of the aviation plug or check the three cable circuit of inverter whether open circuit or not. Also, we can first turn the spindle by hand to check the rotor smooth and the wiring is correct or not.


5. Why the spindle starts with much heat and inverter alarm code?

This is because the wrong parameter setup in inverter. Rated frequency, Max.output frequency, upper limit frequency and lower limit frequency must be set seriously according to the spindle nameplate. And set the acceleration and deceleration time to be 6-10 seconds.


6. Why the new spindle starts with sounds like sisi?

Please do not worry on this point. The sound is from the solid high speed grease inside the spindle bearing. You are suggested to run the new spindle at low speed 50-100Hz for 30 minutes and the sound will disappear. It is the same to the spindle which is no using for a long time. This action can give us two benefits, first the service life of spindle is extended; second the sound is stable.


Any question, please feel free to contact us.


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