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Maintenance Checklist For CNC Router |Daily Maintenance

What is the service life of CNC Router? A well-build CNC like EagleTec can serve your business for five years at least. Here “well-bulid” means three points. First, every elements should be designed properly include mechanical and electronic elements. Second, all the elements should be quality ones. Third, all the elements must be combined very well; in other words, the assembly must be precise assembly from skilled workers. But please do not think the Max. Service life of cnc router is 5 years. We can increase that to 6 or 7 years if we use machine carefully and maintain properly. Please see the checklist in below:

1) Please 
avoid the heavy current and heavy magnet devices which will interfere the CNC signal transfer.

2) Please insure the earth connection to less the interference with the signal.

3) The voltage should be smooth, avoid the floating voltage.

4) It is better to stop a while for the machine with water-cooled spindle if it already keeps on working for 10 hours. Please change the water timely to keep it clean and avoid being too hot. If in cold place below zero degrees centigrade, please use anti-freeze fluid instead of water. If your router machine with air cooling spindle, you are suggested to stop a while for every 4 or 5 hours continuous machining and then start again. This is because that air cooling spindle will become very hot after 4 hours working.

5) Please clean up the dust on the machine table and transmission parts every day, and lubricate the transmission parts weekly, such as the guide rails, the ballscrew to guarantee the smooth running performance. Please noted before lubricate, we should remove the dust on the linear guide, ball screw and bearing, if can not remove, please use gasoline to clean. Please run the three axes without milling after lubrication was done. This step is to make lubrication oil average on everywhere. 

6) For perfect working, please use the proper software and cutters for different production jobs.

7) Please check the fasteners every three month; they include screws on the gantry, screws on the ball screw and ball nut. 

Original article from Jinan EagleTec CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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