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CNC Router Cut Depth and Feed Speed| Beginner Guide

 Users often care about these two issues when consulting cnc router machines.  

1. What is the Max. value of step down for cnc router ?

2. What is the Max. cutting speed or feed rate of cnc router ?

I would like to say that, in fact, there are no standard answers to these two questions. Because the answers depend on three factors, the change of each factor will lead to the change of these two machining parameters. Three factors are:

a. Material type and hardness

b. CNC router configuration includes mechanical rigidity and electrical performance.

c. Router bits’ type, material and size 

In actual production, operator set these two process values according to the three factors above and their past experience.   

If need engrave or cut thick material, the job can be completed after several times of step down. In this way, it can improve the service life of router cutter bits and make the operation safe. For example, we need to cut through a sheet with 20mm thickness. We can set value of each step down is 10mm and material have been cut through 20mm after two times of step down. If take three times of step down, cut depth will be 30mm; 4 times, will be 40mm… and so on.


Router bits with big size shank can be used to finish cutting at one time. Result is improving the production efficiency and quality greatly.  

It is very important that users select the proper mill cutter and set appropriate process value as per the production requirement. This will determine the job quality and production efficiency.


It is very important for service life of router bits and finished job quality to set a proper cutting speed according to the raw material type. Also, reasonable step down makes machining process faster, better and safer.  


For engraving and milling jobs, spindle RPM should be set at high level. We can set high RPM for general material cutting. It is better to set low spindle RPM and feeding speed when using a milling tool with big shank or cutting on hard materials. Feeding speed must be average and stable. It will burn the milling tool or shorten it’s service life largely if there is any stop in the process of cutting. Please note that the heat will damage the tools.  

If you need any help concern CNC router or router bits, please contact us freely. We will try our best to support you.  

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